BIODIVERSITY is diminishing across the globe as a result of human habitation. Although we cannot live on this earth without transforming it, we can minimize our impact. Landscapes for Biodiversity is a program where landscape architecture and horticulture students help landowners design and create landscapes that support ecological balance.

Many of the ornamental plants in our yards are “pest-resistant”, non-native plants that serve little to no role in the ecosystem. Wildlife such as birds, butterflies, reptiles, amphibians and mammals all require native vegetation to survive. Although some mammals like deer have adapted to eating non-native plants, most wildlife still require a diet of native plants which provide food, shelter and nest material.

Native plants evolved with the local ecosystem and provide food, shelter and nest material to wildlife, particularly the insect herbivores many birds need to feed their young. Landscapes for Biodiversity combines native plants with a beautiful landscape design.

Why Landscape for Biodiversity?

  • If we want to attract birds and butterflies to our yards
  • If we want to live in a more intentional coexistence with nature
  • If we want to reduce our input of chemicals
  • If we care about soil and water quality
  • If we want beautiful flowers that bloom in all the growing seasons
  • If we want plants that require minimal maintenance
  • If we want to leave a legacy of ecological integrity
  • If we want to reduce our lawn space
  • If we want to live with more compassion for all the others